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ProfTreff 2020: First hybrid event in its 31-year tradition

Around 200 guests followed the invitation of the Munich Congress Alliance (MCA) and the Munich Convention Bureau to attend this year’s ProfTreff on October 6th. For the first time, invited guests were given the opportunity to choose between attending the event on-site or virtually.

Read more about how COVID-19 has impacted this year’s ProfTreff.

"BOCOM - Borderless Communication": Highlight-Video

"BOCOM - Experience Borderless Communication" was the first event of its kind. It not only featured an integrated research concept, four focus topics and 25 project partners and supporters - it also was the GCB's first multi-site hybrid event and literally connected participants from across the globe.

Check out our Highlight-Video to learn more.

New normal opens up new worlds at Messe München's venues

Messe München's venues are fully equipped to host events in the new normal - whether on-site, hybrid or virtually. Whilst Germany has been presented with a new wave of restrictions, Messe München was able to showcase their portfolio during the summer.

Click here to learn more about Messe München's venues.

"Event organizers need to become much more data driven"

Davi Kaur, Head of Communications at the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), has recently spoken with Matthias Schultze and shared her organization's approach to digital event formats as well as the industry's current challenges and the importance of data analytics.

Learn more in the interview within our GCB FutureTalks series.

Meetings made in Germany - Sustainable and holistic concepts for future events in Germany

Events of the future will require sustainable holistic concepts. Fortunately, the protagonists of the meetings destination Germany are currently showing that they are both ready and equipped for facing this challenge. Meetings made in Germany will continue to provide planners with ideal conditions for events.

Read more about sustainable and holistic concepts and BOCOM as a showcase for a hybrid multi-site event.

Information Platform eventcrisis.org

GCB & tw tagungswirtschaft jointly launched the information platform www.eventcrisis.org. Current news can also be found in English in the "International" category. The platform provides business event profesionnals with informative multimedia content for events during the crisis.

Read all Englisch news on www.eventcrisis.org here.

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