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Germany - at the heart of future events

Summer comes alive! Experience a unique hybrid program under the motto "Germany - at the heart of future events", let yourself be inspired by the GCB campaign, and experience new impulses for your future event planning. All activities are of course free of charge and obligation!

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Which factors shape future events?

The latest whitepaper published by the Future Meeting Space innovation network revolves around one central thesis: the ecosystem of events will change to a great extent and for the long term. Based on ten fields of action, the research identifies challenges and opportunities arising from a variety of influencing factors to work out usage scenarios for physical, hybrid and virtual meeting spaces.

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Streaming Studios of Germany

The latest Future Meeting Space research has shown that the relevance of events for an organization's overall communications mix will continue to grow. By increasing the reach of meetings and conferences, hybrid set-ups are also expected to play an increasingly important role. That's why we've created an overview of some of Germany's many exciting streaming studios.

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Get real in Hamburg: ITS World Congress 2021 to showcase mobility solutions for the future

Covid-19 has prompted MICE professionals to become experts for ifs, buts and alternatives. The organisers behind the ITS World Congress, the world's largest smart mobility event, know all about this. Nevertheless, they made a very clear decision that this huge showcase of what future mobility holds needs to happen face-to-face, on-site and "for real".

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Why face-to-face business events are key for unlocking hidden know-how

Digital tools have been a life saver during the pandemic and have made it possible for people to connect from virtually anywhere in the world. However, this time of virtualization has also highlighted the downsides of these tools as well as the need for face-to-face business events. Matthias Schultze has taken a look at their roles in the transfer of implicit and explicit knowledge.

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"Many people consider Hamburg to be Germany's finest city"

Florian Gerdes, Marketing Manager Conventions with the Hamburg Convention Bureau, recently shared with us how Hamburg has dealt with the pandemic, why it's the ideal destination for business events and how he and his colleagues can help planners stage their events in Hamburg.

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The future role and purpose of events

The world of events is undergoing profound change. Still, the relevance of events for the communications mix of organizations will continue to grow in the future. This and more are the findings of the latest study project conducted by the innovation alliance "Future Meeting Space".

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Information Platform eventcrisis.org

GCB & tw tagungswirtschaft jointly launched the information platform www.eventcrisis.org. Current news can also be found in English in the "International" category. The platform provides business event profesionnals with informative multimedia content for events during the crisis.

Read all Englisch news on www.eventcrisis.org here.

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