Shaping the Future of Europe’s Business Events Sector

BEFuture - co-funded by the European Union - is dedicated to driving positive change in the business events sector across Europe. The project's mission is to transform the industry into a regenerative, resilient, and responsible powerhouse.

Aligned with the European Tourism Transition Pathways and Sustainable Development Goals, BEFuture prioritises sustainability, inclusivity and lasting impacts. The GCB is one of its supporting partners.

BEFuture's Vision

"Imagine European events as showcases of innovation, sustainability and inclusivity. That’s our vision at BEFuture. Leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to set global standards through co-creation workshops, innovation events and talent development initiatives."

BEFuture's Strategic Approach

"BEFuture uses the Sustainable Development Goals framework to identify best practices, with a focus on talent development and innovation capacity. Our co-creation workshops, innovation events, and acceleration programme across six European countries amplify the project's impact."

Among other actions, the project collects and shares best practices and will also offer funding. Applications for the "BEFuture Acceleration Programme", a funding opportunity tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating within the events sector, will open on 15 November 2024.

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