Business Events in a Transformative Era

Megatrends such as New Work, demographic change, and Artificial Intelligence are on their way to becoming firmly established in our daily lives. In the context of business events, these and other trends have already driven enormous developments in certain fields.

With its 2024 research focus, the innovation network Future Meeting Space addresses the question of which standards and processes in the ecosystem of business events will remain, which will disappear, and which new ones will emerge. The goal of this exploratory research is to uncover opportunities for all stakeholders along the customer journeys in the event ecosystem and to empower them to make data-driven, scientifically sound decisions.

Under the title 'Emerging Opportunities, Persisting Classics, Fading Models: Business Events in a Transformative Era,' the GCB German Convention Bureau and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization IAO are continuing their practice-oriented research program.

However, the innovation network would be nothing without its strong and diverse research partners - for this reason, we cordially invite you to get involved as a project partner for 2024!

A brief overview of the research program:

  1. What are the impacts of external influences on the ecosystem of events? 
  2. What changes in customer and user needs can be identified? 
  3. Which existing processes, services, structures, and business models are losing importance or becoming obsolete? 
  4. What new market potentials, services, and products are emerging, and what novel business cases can be developed from them? 

We would be delighted to have you as a project partner by our side!  

A detailed overview of the contents and objectives, as well as your potential involvement in Future Meeting Space 2024, can be found here:

Learn more in our project outline 2024


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