Navigating Business Events in Challenging Times

Business events are truly multi-talented as platforms for the exchange of knowledge and for networking people. But as we face a multitude of global challenges and transformation processes, meetings, conferences and congresses also need to be readjusted.

What solutions can business events offer in the context of climate change, pandemics, international conflicts or energy issues? And vice versa: How does this multi-crisis situation influence the implementation of events and their strategic and conceptual orientation?

The motto "Navigating Business Events in Challenging Times" places these questions at the centre of Future Meeting Space 2023.

The GCB German Convention Bureau will be investigating this refocusing together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering in the Future Meeting Space 2023 research project.

The research program at a glance: 

  • What are the changed triggers/motives and new obstacles for or against holding business events (the reason why/...why not) from the organiser's point of view?

  • What contribution can business events make to dealing with challenging times?

  • How does the role of sustainable, effective and impactful business events change in times of crisis?

  • What does this change mean in terms of dramaturgy, sustainability, goal setting/achievement, planning, lead time, costs, technology, size, diversity, format?

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