Challenges of the Post-Corona Era

The New Ecosystem of Events

With its current research focus 2021, the Innovation Network is addressing the challenges of the post-Corona era.

Research Results

Which factors shape future events?

Constant change and progress shape our society. As a mirror of society business events adapt flexibly to these circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has brought additional momentum to transformation processes that had already begun. Therefore, the latest whitepaper published by the Future Meeting Space innovation network revolves around one central thesis: the ecosystem of events will change to a great extent and for the long term. Based on ten fields of action, the research identifies challenges and opportunities arising from a variety of influencing factors to work out usage scenarios for physical, hybrid and virtual meeting spaces.

The central thesis: The ecosystem of events will change massively and sustainably. We want to go in search of influencing factors and cause-effect relationships and examine the emerging possibilities and opportunities of this change.

The goal is to develop usage scenarios for real, hybrid and virtual meeting spaces, taking into account alternative and changing uses of existing and new spaces, areas and locations.


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