7 Reasons for Your Next Event in Germany

Germany’s position as one of the world’s leading meetings destinations did not come by chance. We take you on a journey through the top seven reasons why you should plan your next event in Germany.

1. Authentic Experiences

A meeting with a mountain view at 3,000 meters altitude? Networking in a centuries-old castle? Rediscovering former industrial sites for future-oriented scientific conferences? Meetings made in Germany not only inspire the mind but go straight to the heart. This is due to our partners’ ability in providing ideal conditions for personal interactions combined with a unique variety of authentic places to upgrade your event from “great” to “unforgettable”.

2. Sustainable Meetings

Planning your next event in Germany means having partners adhering to the latest sustainability standards – the United Nation’s SDGs, for example – every step of the planning process and, at the same time, thinking of innovative ways to shape a sustainable future. Committing to net zero carbon events by 2050 is just one of our many milestones. Join us on our journey to an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable society!

3. Innovative Power

Embracing a fluid future in today’s VUCA world ("Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity") requires thinking ahead. Not as individuals but as a community. We believe in systematic co-creation and collaboration for bold transformations, customized solutions, and new business opportunities. Driving innovation means securing business events’ major role in solving global and multi-layered future challenges.

4. Diversity Matters

Choosing to host your next event in Germany equals choosing diversity: the diversity of ideas and knowledge, the diversity of solutions along the entire delegate journey of business events, the diversity of German cities and regions, and above all the diversity of people who make Germany what it is in the first place – the perfect destination to meet. 

5. Leading Industry Expertise

Europe's largest economy, the world’s third-largest exporter, and leading location in research and development: Germany is competent in many fields. Be it medicine, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy and the environment, financial services or transport and logistics; be it globally acting corporations or small hidden champions. As business events are all about knowledge transfer, new ideas and new networks, Germany provides event professionals from all around the world with an excellent framework for their event. 

6. Accessible Infrastructure

Over 15 international airports, a first-class railway network as well as a dense network of expressways means that your next meeting destination in Germany is never far away. What's more, our cities and regions are characterized by short distances: accommodation, meetings, and attractive leisure programs are usually just a stone’s throw away from each other. 

7. Safe and Hygienic Environment

In the wake of various global challenges, event attendees and business travelers put safety and hygiene at the top of their list - even after the end of the pandemic. Meetings made in Germany provide you with consistent safety concepts along the entire delegate journey, from mobility through accommodation to the event itself.  

Video Impressions: Meetings Made in Germany

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