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The GCB has had a Compliance System since 2016. As the third pillar of sustainability - in addition to ecology and economy - the societal and social aspect also includes dealing with compliance; i.e. observing the law and avoiding corruption. The GCB sees itself as particularly committed to making the values of transparency and integrity the basis of corporate action in promoting sustainable development in Germany with the pillars of science and research, ecology, economy and society. The GCB drafted a code of ethics and compliance guidelines in cooperation with Sylvia Schenk, a lawyer and former member of the board at Transparency International. The regulations, which are based on the basic values, are binding for managers and all employees as well as members of GCB bodies and provide valuable guidance. The Compliance System includes, among other things, requirements for transparency in business contacts or documentation as well as the handling of invitations and gifts. With this framework, the GCB sets an example for fair and ethical conduct in the meetings and conventions industry.

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