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The Open Innovation Platform for Business Events

With the Response Room, the GCB and its partners PCMA and IMEX provided the world of business events from 2021 through 2023 with a central platform for systematic co-creation and collaboration to drive innovation - together!

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Dr. Martina Neunecker

Meetings, congresses and events connect people with one another, promote knowledge transfer and provide impetus for economic, scientific and social progress. To secure this role for the future, we need fast, interconnected and, above all, customer-focused solutions - especially in a dynamically changing world. These new solutions and innovations do not happen in closed and isolated spaces, but in open, agile processes.

In the (almost) three years after launching the Response Room in early 2021, through growing its community, and engaging with innovation enthusiasts from around the world, we have learned more than we could have wished for. One of the major conclusions is this: There is a huge need for a dialogue on innovation – but humans, especially event professionals, want a more personal, more direct exchange. That is why decided to discontiue the operation of the online platform as of November, 22, 2023.

One of the formats we have developed out of the identified need for direct exchange is the new “ebx.lab”, a strategic workshop for decision-makers in marketing and communication, having taken place for the very first time in early October 2023 in Frankfurt/Germany. If you would like to learn more, please visit the ebx.lab's website.

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The Response Room was a platform for open innovation. This term refers to the opening up of previously internal innovation and development processes to other stakeholders. This means that new concepts no longer have to be developed exclusively in-house. Instead, for example, a network of customers, external experts, research institutions and other market participants is used to jointly drive innovation forward in an open, agile process.

The Response Room welcomed everyone - event planners, organizers, providers or anyone interested in driving innovation for business events. After registering once and free of charge, the platform gave all users the opportunity to exchange ideas on the latest topics, to collaboratively develop new solutions and to jointly shape tomorrow's event world - online, offline and hybrid.

Various tools were available to users for this purpose. The Innovation Challenges formed the core. These were challenges, problems and questions to which the global community jointly developed innovative ideas, new solutions and future business models. In addition, the community was informed about the latest trends, inspiring topics and events via a blog and an event area.



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