Hamburg Messe and Congress GmbH - Our Grandstands for Your Event

Available in Halls A1 to A4 as of October 2022


A Place Unlike any Other

A campus right in the centre of the city, providing optimum conditions for any event. The central location in Hamburg’s “Schanzenviertel” district with countless bars, clubs and restaurants is truly unique. This is where the heart of the city beats. And to take a break, just walk to the Botanical Garden right next door. 

Everything Is Possible

Whether sport tournament, rock concert or shareholders’ meeting – anything can be done. Designed for the most demanding live entertainment events, our mobile, highly flexible grandstand system lets you set-up an auditorium for any event format in no time at all. 

Form Follows Function

Whether rectangular, arena, circular or U-shaped – we will assist you in choosing the perfect combination of the grandstand blocks for your specific event. In other words: The hall set-up will exactly reflect your wishes and needs. 

Please Be Seated!

4,332 comfortable, upholstered seats are spread across twelve fully covered grandstand blocks which blend well into the hall environment. Additional theatre-style seating or standing room can be arranged as required. 

No Time to Waste

We guarantee rapid implementation, especially when time slots are short. These modern, rolling grandstand modules can be set-up and removed in no time. 

All Roads Lead to Success

We provide perfect arrival and departure lanes for transport vehicles. The generously-spaced areas around the premises ensure smooth logistics. Sufficient numbers of lorry and parking spaces are available. 

The Right Place to Meet People

All foyer areas in the hall are ideally arranged around the auditorium. Some of the spaces can be partitioned-off in a variety of ways to suit your specific needs. 

Behind the Scenes

Of course, production offices and VIP lounges are available to you, as well. Making arrangements for separate cloak rooms, catering areas and storage for empties inside our hall is easy. 

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