Three Scenarios for the New Ecosystem of Events


The ecosystem of events will undergo profound change in the future. New technologies, climate change, new forms of mobility and our more flexible way of working will have a lasting impact on the events world. New requirements will need to be considered and new attendee expectations will have to be met.

Against this background, the Future Meeting Space (FMS) innovation network has assessed more than 60 influencing factors in ten key areas, i.e., mobility, our living environment, sustainability, the working world, society, the market, political framework conditions, new technologies, event formats and know-how. "Hard" factors such as the use of new technologies were included in the analysis, as were changes in awareness and attitudes of society or certain groups.

The core outcome of the FMS research phase 2021 are three future scenarios - you can learn more in our videos below. The full study “Changing ecosystems - future scenarios for business events in the age of borderless communication“ will be available shortly as a free download on Stay tuned!

Scenario 1: "Tried and Trusted - Renaissance of the Real"

"Tried and trusted - renaissance of the real" describes a return to what is familiar and has proven to work in the past. For business events, this means that face-to-face meetings are and remain the be-all and end-all.

Scenario 2: "Diverse and flexible – The Global Community"

The "Diverse and flexible – the global community" scenario represents the opposite: Meetings, conferences and congresses become experimental spaces where new things are tried out with actively participating event attendees. Digital tools make it possible to bring people from all over the world together for events with comprehensive participation options.

Scenario 3: "Green and aware – the net zero society"

The third scenario, called "Green and aware – the net zero society", is based on sustainability as the guiding principle of all actions. Event attendees by now expect all-encompassing sustainability concepts implemented in transparent ways.

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