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The GCB released a new thought-provoking whitepaper – available exclusively for its members – that delves deep into the future of business events and their intrinsic significance in sculpting regions and cities. This article summarizes its main findings.

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The full whitepaper "Die Bedeutung von Business Events für die Entwicklung von Destinationen" (German language only) is available exklusively for GCB members through our intranet.

Published by the GCB, the paper was co-authored by Christopher Rörig (Bevenue), Prof. Dr. Michael-Thaddäus Schreiber (EITW), and Tilman Naujoks (Fraunhofer IAO).

For further information please contact Birgit Pacher, pacher@gcb.de

In today's interconnected world, the role of business events transcends mere gatherings; they are vibrant hubs where ideas converge, innovation takes root, and cross-cultural understanding grows. Congresses, meetings, and events stand as powerful catalysts for knowledge transfer, education, and societal progress. As global dynamics continue to shift, reshaping the very fabric of events, the Future Meeting Space (FMS) innovation network has been peering into the horizon since 2015, uncovering the transformative potential within this dynamic realm.

Recently, the GCB German Convention Bureau released a thought-provoking whitepaper – available exclusively for its members – that delves deep into the future of business events and their intrinsic significance in sculpting regions and cities. The whitepaper encapsulates the essence of crucial considerations for destinations, venues, and stakeholders alike, while navigating the implications of global megatrends.

Embracing Transformation: Global Megatrends

At the heart of this transformative journey lies an interplay between global megatrends and their impacts. Globalization and digitalization, coupled with new mobility patterns and the growing call for sustainability, are reshaping the foundations of business events. They are further transformed by demographic shifts, diversity, urbanization, resource constraints, and security concerns. These megatrends not only pose challenges but open windows to innovation and progress, prompting comprehensive research by FMS to identify three distinct scenarios for the future of business events.

These scenarios serve as blueprints, capturing the interplay of multifaceted factors that will shape the event horizon. Each scenario unfolds a unique narrative, painting a vivid picture of how the evolving landscape will impact event dynamics. From technological advancements to the changing attendee preferences, these scenarios offer valuable insights and actionable recommendations that will guide the industry forward. (The full FMS study including the scenarios is available for download here.)

Future Scenarios by FMS

Catalysts for Regional Growth

The influence of business events extends far beyond their economic footprint, echoing through the essence of their host destinations. Transforming into integral components of destinations, these events create value that reverberates across regional economies, societies, and academic circles. They contribute to connecting event planners, venues, hotels, restaurants, cultural institutions, and more, forming a vibrant ecosystem that enriches destinations. As a robust economy beckons business events, the cycle of enhancement continues, fueling competitiveness and attracting both business travelers and leisure seekers alike.

The Social Impact of Business Events

While quantifying the social impact of business events may prove challenging, the qualitative ripples they create are immeasurable. The infusion of local elements enhances authenticity, amplifying destination allure while nurturing cross-community collaborations. These events serve as bridges, uniting diverse populations in networks that transcend the event's boundaries. The legacy they leave is etched into the very fabric of destinations, shaping their cultural, economic, and structural heritage for generations to come.

The Evolving Roles of Stakeholders

The future of business events hinges upon the adaptability, technology savviness, and collaborative spirit of key stakeholders. City Convention Bureaux (CVBs) emerge as architects of regional trends, linking local entities with event organizers through digital prowess and systematic data management. Venue operators find themselves tasked with crafting adaptive, authentic experiences that resonate with attendees, whether in-person or in hybrid settings. Agencies and service providers, at the forefront of event execution, must master the art of  seamlessly blending the physical and virtual realms.

Bridging Realms: The Digital Renaissance

Digitization is breathing new life into business events, expanding their reach while preserving the allure of face-to-face interactions. While authentic environments remain unparalleled, digital experiences bridge gaps, engaging remote participants through immersive media. The resulting anticipation, a "fear of missing out," becomes a driving force, compelling attendees to embark on future journeys to captivating destinations.

Germany Strengthening Its Role

Amidst this transformative landscape, Germany strengthens its role as a leading destination for sustainable business events, offering a strong value proposition for national and international event professionals alike. As our world embraces a "blurred travel" paradigm, Germany's diverse destinations and their dynamic landscape align seamlessly with this ethos, creating an atmosphere where inspiration and innovation flourish. Navigating the path ahead, one thing is clear: the significance of business events is more profound than ever, and their power to shape the future of destinations is enormous.

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