“At the heart of future events”: connecting technology know-how and emotions

15.07.2020 | By Matthias Schultze, Managing Director, GCB German Convention Bureau

Positioning Germany as a destination for meetings and conferences not only at the top, but also ‘at the heart of future events’ requires a twofold focus on personal meetings and digital interconnection. The GCB German Convention Bureau’s new marketing strategy is precisely about this synergy. Only in combination with the ‘human touch’ and a dedicated focus on attendee demands can technological innovations really have that special effect which makes an event a lasting success.

“New now” and consistent purpose

The world of business events is currently undergoing extensive change, accelerated by the corona pandemic, among other things. The fundamental function and purpose of events, however, will remain: Meetings, congresses and events are platforms for the exchange of experiences and ideas. They provide valuable impulses for political, economic and social development, scientific and social processes.

With its expertise in key sectors of industry and science, excellent general conditions, Germany is in an excellent starting position for the future. Our collective task now lies in the development of innovative concepts, event formats and evidence-based marketing strategies, to form new networks and to learn new skills to build creative solutions for the needs of our customers.

The GCB’s vision is "Meetings made in Germany connect the world - digital and face to face". It unites two complementary competencies: On the one hand the ability to bring people to Germany or together in Germany, respectively, for face-to-face events; on the other hand, the ability to also include those participants who are not present on site - be it for time, economic or other reasons.

Focus on customers

In the future it will be crucial both to be a good host and to create ideal conditions for personal encounters in an inspiring atmosphere, as well as to design events with technical know-how and the necessary infrastructure - from IT to mobility - in such a way that people around the world can be interconnected with Germany as a destination for business events. This digital connection not only increases the range of events and creates additional incentives to be there personally next time, but it also strengthens the communities behind them.

Based on its vision and the framework conditions mentioned above, the GCB developed its new marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond under the motto "At the heart of future events". Key to this concept is the holistic expansion of what has already made Germany such a strong conference and congress location in the past: perfect implementation competence meets emotional experiences.

Those who provide their customers and participants with emotional access to their own offerings will stay in their minds for a long time. Meetings made in Germany connect the world, digital and face-to-face - for this we continue to work together with our members and partners with full power and inspiration.

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