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Firm believers in the power of building community since 1987, we are helping brands, associations and not-for-profit organisations solve their challenges through our core expertise.

We help our clients engage their audiences. Together, designing strategies, creating unforgettable experiences and creative to support their organisational growth.

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MCI is a global engagement and marketing agency. We design human-centric solutions that unleash the power of people to deliver innovation and growth for our clients. Our offering includes strategic & digital communications, consulting & community solutions, live & virtual events.

We help brands, companies, associations and not-for-profits solve their challenges, bringing their people together to shape their tomorrow. MCI is an independently owned company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a global presence in 60 offices across 31 countries.

In Germany, MCI is represented at six locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

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