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Comfortable and sustainable - Deutsche Bahn’s Event Ticket


Deutsche Bahn – DB Vertrieb GmbH
Europa-Allee 78-84
60486 Frankfurt am Main

A comfortable journey is crucial for every successful business event. Make the most of your business events by offering our product to your participants:

Participants can use the Event Ticket to travel to your business event within Germany (one way or round trip) for a fixed rate.

A comfortable, affordable, and ecological way for business travelers to make the most of their travel time.

Many corporations nowadays are aware of their climate footprint. We are here to support you: Deutsche Bahn’s Event Ticket offers participants the opportunity to travel in 100% green powered trains.

The Event Ticket is the affordable and ecological choice. Traveling to and from the event accounts for approx. 70% of the event’s CO2 emissions. Our product supports our customers to make their events more climate friendly.

For further questions regarding the Event Ticket please check or contact us via e-mail:

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