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Allow yourself to be inspired by the versatility of the MICE location: In the city of science and re-search, metropolitan flair is combined with short distances, diverse leisure activities, an attractive city centre and extensive green recreational areas. Braunschweig guarantees a lively exchange of ideas.

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5 reasons for Braunschweig

Good accessibility and short distances: Whether you are travelling by plane, long-distance coach, train or car - Braunschweig has excellent transport connections. Were you aware that Braunschweig is the city with short distances? Take a walk and see for yourself - and discover the diversity of the Lion City along the way.

Future-oriented sector expertise in research and science: Braunschweig is a regional innovation leader in Europe. Internationally renowned research institutions, such as the Technische Universität Braunschweig (technical university), continually entice luminaries to the Lion City. Time also ticks more precisely here: Your conference events are determined by the most precise clocks in the world - the atomic clocks of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (German National Metrology Institute, PTB).

Ideal for small and large events up to 500 persons: Small group or large gathering? The possibilities for exchanging ideas are manifold. Braunschweig inspires with its distinctive profile comprised of cultural, research and technology landscapes and extraordinary locations.

Innovative partner network and services from a single source: In collaboration with the MICE professionals, we offer you a comprehensive service. With consolidated expertise and a powerful network of event locations, conference hotels and service providers from the event industry, we will ensure that your stay in Braunschweig is an unforgettable experience.

Diversified supporting programme: On land, on water, in the mountains (region) - in Braunschweig, a variety of locations and creativity awaits you in the event segment. We would be delighted to compile your customised supporting programme for the conference. Unique, connecting, active - the suitable modules are always available.


Sector competences

At the forefront in Europe: Braunschweig is one of the most research-intensive regions. Your event will therefore take place in an international, creative environment - the ideal basis for a lively exchange of knowledge and ideas. Benefit at the MICE destination from the following sector competences and interdisciplinary cooperation between science and business:

·        Energy and environment

·        Medicine and health

·        Technology and innovation

·        Transport, logistics and transfer

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