Sheraton Congress Center at Frankfurt International Airport

Ensuring maximum flexibility for inspiring gatherings

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Increased use of technology, more flexibility and scope for customisation – event organisers need venues that meet 21st century meeting demands to create engaging experiences. With this in mind, the concept of the modernized and improved Congress Center at Frankfurt International Airport’s Sheraton Hotel is built around multifunctionality.

Meeting customers´ demand for flexibility

“We definitely see that our customers demand more options for creating their events,” explains Rob Oudshoorn, Director of Sales & Marketing at Frankfurt Airport Marriott Hotel and Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center. “This includes a certain neutrality of meeting spaces, which is gaining in importance and enables organisers to use them as a canvas for their own event branding.” In the new Congress Center, this is facilitated by a state-of-the-art ambience light system as a core element of the modern and flexible event space up to 1,200 participants that can be separated into three sections: A range of eight key colour options can be utilised to, e.g., integrate the colours of a company’s brand identity or switch quickly between a day and evening ambience for different types of events. A hydraulic stage and large foyer complete this multi-functional event space.

Dual branded partnership creates innovative hotel and conference opportunities

The Congress Center itself is part of a novel dual branded hotel concept, which was communicated at the end of last year and creates innovative hotel, meeting and event opportunities of two brands under one roof. The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center, opened as the first European airport hotel 44 years ago, now operates in dual branded partnership with the new Frankfurt Airport Marriott Hotel. While sharing one roof, both properties have their own front desk and lounge for a unique brand experience. Meanwhile, a variety of communal functions and spaces, such as a fitness center, restaurants and bars as well as the Conference Center, including the Congress Center plus a range of additional boardrooms and meeting rooms in different sizes, can be used by guests of both hotels.

Sustainability and inclusivity as key guidelines

The new dual branded hotel and conference combination was influenced by sustainability and inclusivity aspects as key factors for events of the future: “Again, we see growing demand in this respect and have integrated, e.g., energy-saving technologies, or provide barrier-free and direct access to our congress facilities and ten accessible guest rooms at the Marriott hotel,” says Oudshoorn.

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