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Florian’s Top Picks For Maritime Event Spots in Hamburg

06.05.2020 | Ad

Florian Gerdes, Marketing Manager Convention with the Hamburg Convention Bureau, shares his recommendations for extraordinary event locations in Hamburg.

Many visitors to Hamburg are enchanted by the city’s rich maritime heritage and are often surprised just how many of these venues have been meticulously restored and are available for events. These historic treasures provide an intriguing juxtaposition to the modern Hamburg of today, recognized as a leader in many technologies such as smart mobility. Perhaps innovation is flourishing in part because of the adventurous maritime spirt that has become part of our DNA. If you would like to inspire your attendees and tap into Hamburg’s storied seafaring past, I have plenty of suggestions for unforgettable event locations!

Schuppen 52

Known as a “cathedral of work” because of its beautiful wooden beams, Schuppen 52 is a historically protected dockside shed that dates back to imperial Germany (prior to World War I). It is one of the few remaining halls in which commercial goods (spices) were once stored for further transport. The premium caterer Gerresheim Serviert has transformed it into one of the largest event locations in Hamburg. With beautiful harbor views and almost 65,000 square feet, Schuppen 52 offers space for up to 3,000 guests and features state-of the-art infrastructure, including: IT networking and safety features.  Gerresheim Serviert has another special location on the southern bank of the Elbe  - the Jachthafen.

MS Bleichen

If you prefer to host an event on board, I suggest you consider the MS Bleichen. Over 60 years ago, the motor vessel left the shipyard to transport parcels to Scandinavia via the Baltic Sea and traveled as far as West Africa and the Black Sea. After a painstaking restoration, the MS Bleichen has become a museum and sails only along the Elbe River. It features several event spaces: the former storage hold with a rough industrial charm is now a space for 200 people and the salon room on the bridge desk, where captains entertained, is now a deluxe meeting space for 20 guests. Finally, an outdoor event space provides incredible views of the Hamburg port and can be used in almost any weather with high-quality tents. Party Rent, an event outfitter all over Europe, has designed incredible atmospheres for truly memory making events aboard the MS Bleichen.

Hafenmuseum Hamburg

A short walk away is the port museum: Hafenmuseum Hamburg, housed in the former free-trade harbor. It is a fantastic spot to learn more stories about Hamburg’s seafaring past from people who have spent their working lives on the harbor or are still working there today. The museum is also a versatile event venue for up to 400 guests. The pilot’s cabin, with its historic interior, is a more intimate event space for up to 30 guests. In the viewing depot, the centrepiece of the museum, events for up to 200 participants can be staged. With special permission, even more people can be hosted and entertained in this lovely atmosphere featuring timber construction and an open-air front courtyard. For smaller and larger outdoor events this space can also be combined with the Bremer Kai jetty, another fixed position for traditional ships. Historic crane systems and other large objects that revive the pride of the old port industry serves as a captivating backdrop.

Video: Schuppen 52 in Hamburg

Video: MS Bleichen in Hamburg

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