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Last week Ursula Winterbauer and Akram Ouzid, alongside 7 of our partners, namely H World International, Stuttgart Convention Bureau, Maritim Hotels, Koelncongress GmbH, Messe Essen GmbH, Dresden Convention Service and Estrel Berlin, went to the european capital of Brussels for our Germany MICE Networking Event, that was held in Hard Rock Café with a great view on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Grande Place de Bruxelles.  

With about 22 participants attending, from which the majority was representing international associations, our event was at great capacity. After a brief presentation and introduction of our partners, and before our participants began to engage in high qualitative talks, we organized a short fun activity, where our participants teamed up with our partners. We put together a Kahoot-Quiz about Germany as a meeting destination and added some questions about beer brewing here and there in honor of the German Beer Day  that happened to fall on the same date as our event.

Congratulations to team “The Beatles”, led by Alexandra Sasha Zavadska that finished first place in the Germany MICE Networking Event Quiz and won a nicely put together bottle of white wine form Kloster Eberbach. Second and third place went then to Jan Frederik Vanhamel from and Kevin Diodati.

The Germany MICE Networking Event in Belgium is THE event for associations and agencies in the european capital to spare themselves countless of E-Mails and desktop research in order to look for and find a suitable venue, in a suitable destination, with suitable accommodation capacities, and suitable activities for the supporting program.  

Make sure to be part of the upcoming Germany MICE Networking Event and get in direct contact with our partners from all corners of Germany!

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