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GCB Newsblog 04.03.2015

LINC 2015: The events sector visits ...

More than 4,800 delegates from 70 countries came to the Leipzig Fair and Exhibition Centre at the ... further reading

Congress Centrum Würzburg: energetically ...
Würzburg, February 6, 2015. - From March onwards, the new panorama level at the Congress Centrum Würzburg ... further reading

The most cutting-edge events technology ...
Maritim entscheidet sich für technischen Support von Brähler und KuchemThe nationally and internationally ... further reading


  • @GCB in North America
    BMW Museum + @BMW_Welt: 2 great elements to include in your next conference in #Munich
  • @GCB in North America
    @DeltaAssist just followed you
  • @GCB in North America
    @DeltaAssist Flight yesterday was canceled, rebooked to 445 pm today, now 2 hrs delay due to mechanics!! What can you do for me? DL3355
  • @GCB in North America
    And now we get a text from @Delta that we will be delayed another hour BEFORE they even announce it in the plane!!
  • @GCB in North America
    Wow, @Delta: waiting for 2 hrs now for delayed crew, now mechanical problems. Couldn't you have fixed them while waiting for the crew?