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GCB Newsblog 26.10.2014

Mannheim is a Hotbed for Medical ...
Rosengarten ©Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbHPart of the BioRN region, Mannheim offers a healthy draw ... further reading

Munich – Hotspot for Innovatio ...
© Rudolf Sterflinger/Muenchen TourismusBavarian hospitality, beautiful countryside and various ... further reading

©Dirk BrzoskaUnder the headline ‘Transport for a changing world’, ministers of transport and ... further reading


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    We always knew that Oli was secretly cheering for Germany, @IMEX_Group @IMEXSocialTeam ! http://t.co/xzijbh2Emx
  • @GCB in North America
    Did You Know Where In The World The #BerlinWall is? http://t.co/eD7uD7ejtG via @BuzzFeed #fallofthewall25 #Germany
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    #Germany Tops Global Green Economy Index http://t.co/ix0w5FUVes via @GermanyinUSA #sustainability
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    Happy Friday to our new followers! @MantraEnergy @diamondmeetings @TardyJoubert @NVEventPhotos @CSGermany @miceinthecloud @AgnesonAlicia
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    #Germany: 25 years later and no looking back http://t.co/aML8qXHq1f via @CNNWorld