GCB Compliance System

Sustainability has become established in the meetings, events, and incentives sector as one of the key issues of the future. In this context the term involves more than simply an examination of the aspects energy efficiency and resource protection with which the GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. is already intensely involved within the framework of numerous initiatives. As a third pillar of sustainability – alongside ecology and economy – the social aspect also includes compliance i.e. the adherence of laws and prevention of corruption.

The GCB views itself as having a special obligation in making the values transparency and integrity the basis of all business activity in the promotion of sustainable development in Germany with the pillars science and research, ecology, business and society.

In association with lawyer and member of the management board of Transparency International, Sylvia Schenk, the GCB has conceived a code of ethics and compliance guidelines. The regulations, which are based on the core values, are binding for all management and employees as well as members of the organisation’s committees and offer an orientation aid in the current debate.

These regulations outline guidelines for transparency in business contacts, documentation and handling of invitations and gifts. With this framework for conduct, the GCB sets an example for fair and ethical conduct in the conference and meetings sector.

Compliance System German Convention Bureau