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German National Tourist Board

German National Tourist Board (GNTB)

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is Germany’s national tourism organisation. It works on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) to represent Germany as a tourist destination and is funded by the Ministry in accordance with a decision taken by the German Bundestag. The GNTB’s remit includes image building and the development of products and strategies, as well as sales, market research, advertising and PR activities.


The GNTB markets Germany as a destination for both holiday tourism and business travel

Extensive marketing has enabled the GNTB and its partners to position Destination Germany as an attractive brand around the world. In accordance with its charter, the GNTB pursues two main objectives through its campaigns and activities – enhancing the positive image of German towns, cities and regions abroad and promoting travel to Germany. The yardstick for its success is the volume of overnight stays made by visitors from other countries. In 2015 this number nearly reached 80 million for the first time. It was also the sixth consecutive record year for inbound tourism to Germany.

Global awareness of the Germany brand

The GNTB coordinates its international activities through six regional management teams: North West Europe, South West Europe, North East Europe, South East Europe, Americas / Israel and Asia / Australasia. There are 30 permanent foreign representative offices operating within these territories, of which eleven are the GNTB’s own offices and 19 are sales agencies run in collaboration with local partners as well as three PR agencies.

Strategy for the professional marketing of Destination Germany

Professional, strategic planning provides the foundation for a broad-based strategy in the international marketing of Destination Germany. The pooling of different sales and marketing activities enables the tourism potential of Germany to be efficiently communicated. Rigorous analysis of the source markets provides the basis for this.

GNTB Marketing Strategy

  • authoritative market research and market analysis
  • intensive press and PR activities abroad
  • website with links to partner organisations
  • social media activities targeted at B2C markets
  • advertising in international media to secure partners for tourism service providers
  • providing advice to service providers and tourism organisations on market-specific product development and business development
  • collaboration with the media abroad
  • support for and marketing of packages for specific target groups and regions
  • positioning sustainability as a facet of the core Destination Germany brand
  • developing and promoting quality-assured accessible products and services

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Lufthansa Meetings & Events

Lufthansa Meetings & Events is a new product offering for all event hosts and organizers. Whether it is for a business meeting, conference or any other type of event, no matter where in the world it takes place and regardless if it is for a few dozen participants or a few thousand, Lufthansa can provide a tailor-made offer that meets the needs of both the organizer and the event participants.

The co-ordination of an offer for all global participants to an event has never been easier for event organizers with a simplified online request for proposal. The offer is designed to provide cost saving opportunities for either the host of the event or, for events where participants pay for their own transportation, to the travelers themselves. Event participants are given exclusive access to a dedicated, event-branded booking platform where the promotional offer can be booked quickly and easily. Travelers can combine their event travel with other business or leisure activities as the offer enables them to travel up to one week before and after the event and allows them to take a travel companion with them.

The combination of the Lufthansa Meetings & Events product features together with Lufthansa’s worldwide network that connects more than 200 cities in around 80 countries makes Lufthansa an ideal partner for event travel solutions.

German Rail

German Rail Event Ticket

The Deutsche Bahn Event Ticket guarantees seamless mobility both on and off rail. Attractive conditions and tailor-made mobility packages offer associations or corporations and fair, meeting or event planners benefits for their events.

Staging a business event is often a challenge for organisers: Hundreds of attendees need to be transported from all over Germany and neighbouring European countries to the venue – comfortably, quickly and conveniently.

Deutsche Bahn can shoulder a major part of the organising burden by providing for one-stop delegate travel to and from the event. This offer is tailored to each individual event and the needs of all parties. The Event Ticket includes expert customer support by a personal Deutsche Bahn contact – “one face to the customer” from start to finish of the event. A win-win situation for all parties: No matter from which station your attendees start their journey, the ticket price is the same for everybody. This gives organisers more calculation and planning certainty in addition to offering travellers great value for money and individual options for travelling to and from the event location.

What many people don’t know: Beyond travel to the destination we Deutsche Bahn ensures a smooth transfer of all attendees to the hotels and event venues. For this purpose Deutsche Bahn uses its own bus service.

Deutsche Bahn DB Logo

Even for exclusive events planners are well prepared: Apart from a fleet of over 1,500 carsharing vehicles Deutsche Bahn’s own chauffeur service offers customers 100 trained drivers, top-of-the-range vehicles and individual comfort nationwide.

If you want to go green, Deutsche Bahn is also the perfect choice: On average, rail travel only generates one-third of the carbon emissions caused by road transport, and less than 30 per cent of the carbon produced by flying. So, with the Event Ticket any organiser can contribute to climate protection.


Further Information:

If you are interested in the Event Ticket you can contact Deutsche Bahn more information and request an individual offer on