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Languagelinkx Cooperation

Agency / PCO, Frankfurt

languagelinkx® - Dolmetscher aus Leidenschaft

languagelinkx® is a co-operation of experienced conference interpreters.

Not only do we work as interpreters ourselves, we also organise teams of interpreters, according to our clients’ requirements.


Beethovenstrasse 5
60325  Frankfurt


languagelinkx® co-operation, have collectively more than 70 years of experience in organizing teams of professional interpreters.

As Organising or Senior Consultant Interpreters, we have gained a reputation as reliable service providers – with clients from industry, politics, event management and society. We are well-connected with experienced conference interpreters throughout Germany, and abroad, whose services we use as required.

languagelinkx® goes green: Thanks to our European network, we always endeavour to engage interpreters in close proximity to the event location. This is an intentional and firm policy towards the conservation of resources and sustainability – and in keeping with the green strategy of the German Convention Bureau. It makes face-to-face, on location, interpreting our particular strength. For more unusual language combinations, or for assignments placed with short notice, we may have to enlist the support of colleagues who live further away.

languagelinkx® goes inclusive: our solutions for organising interpreters go beyond just providing teams of interpreters in the traditional sense. For example, speech-to-text interpreters and sign language interpreters may also be part of the interpreting teams we engage.  

languagelinkx® is happy to advise you with equipment matters. Some of the event organizers and conference equipment providers that we work with are partners of the GCB. As such, they provide professional interpreting equipment, only using booths that meet the ISO standards.

languagelinkx® attach great value to professional advice and thoughtful planning.  We will assist you with the planning of your international conference every step of the way. As experienced organising interpreters, we will explain to you what really matters when working with interpreters, and we will also explain why some things simply won’t work.

languagelinkx® partners are members of several professional associations (such as VKD im BDÜ e.V., ITI) and work in keeping with the strict ethics of these organisations.

In addition, we have set up our own code of ethics, specific to languagelinkx, and have developed a set of languagelinkx® quality standards.

Our aim: To successfully co-operate with members and partners of the GCB and assist them in achieving the goals of their clients.