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easyRAUM GmbH

Other Services, Düsseldorf

easyRAUM 3-dimensional planning

With its 3 dimensions planning software, 3D visualization and Web / VR, easyRAUM has proven its expertise in 3D event planning for over 12 years. More than 1,000 customers from all parts of the industry now rely on the simple 3D CAD software and 3D models of the Düsseldorf-based company. From 2D floor plans and 3D visualizations to the integration of an interactive banquet guide, the team of architects, 3D and web designers offer everything needed for event planning.

Karlsruher Messe und Kongress GMBH Brahmsaal
Kölnkongress CongressCenterNord
Kölnkongress Tanzbrunnen
Kongresshalle Leipzig


easyRAUM GmbH
Suitbertusstr. 123
40223  Düsseldorf


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easyRAUMpro is the user-friendly 3D CAD software for the professionalcreation of detailed 3D visualizations of hotels, venues and events. Theprogram scores with particularly simple usability and fast results on a high 3Dlevel. The extensive and clearly designed 3D object libraries with renownedpartners from the event industry, such as rental furniture companies, designersand technology manufacturers, have become a decisive unique selling point ofthe easyRAUMpro software. Through interfaces to many popular formats, eachcustomer can, in addition to the existing ones, import 3D objects from theInternet and individually change their colors, textures and sizes. Thus, theown object library continues to grow steadily.


With the new Lightworks Iray+ Renderer based on NVIDIA graphic cards, theeasyRAUMpro software package can be extended. easyRAUMpro users have theopportunity to create their renderings in a completely new photorealisticquality. Surfaces, textures and light sources from 3D models can be editeddirectly in easyRAUMpro. This provides customers with a high added value andbenefits from pin-sharp room views.


Another sustainable extension of the easyRAUM 3D product portfolio is theportal Everything interlinks here: high-end visualization of thelocations in 3D, the easyRAUMpro 3D Premium Event Software, which enables aflexible editing process of the premises, as well as the possibility to planthe location attractively and interactively for the own event. In the portal,the 3D venues visualized by easyRAUM professionally and with a high degree ofdetail are located on an overview map and can be quickly selected and requestedon the basis of the existing data (2D, 3D, web). The exchange of data betweenvenues and organizers is thus enormously simplified.