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01 Jul 2015

Venue Profile: The Max Planck Research Institute Fascinates Meeting Delegates with Innovative Thinking

What do Mutated Zeba Fish and Medical Breakthroughs Have in Common? Find out at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden.

Looking to treat delegates to an experience that is truly innovative and original? A visit to the Max Planck Institute in Dresden might be just the discovery.

This past May a group of US and Brazilian planners and US media had the opportunity to visit this unique location as part of their 3-day GCB Americas Educational Trip to Dresden.  The Max Planck Society -- which has 82 Institutes of study in Germany, the US and around the world -- is Germany's most successful research organization with 18 Nobel laureates coming from its team of scientists since its foundation in the mid-1940’s.

After a brief introduction to the Dresden institute’s sphere of research, Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, the group was given a tour of the facilities. One of the highlights included visiting a room filled high with aquariums housing 30,000 zebra fish that have been mutated (turning neon pink, albino, or larger in size) to research how cells form tissue.

Knowledge transfer is also a big part of the Max Planck Society approach. They publish more the 12,000 articles annually in renowned international scientific journals and educational materials, welcome over 9,000 junior student scientists to their institutes, and work with organizations and companies to transfer new technical breakthroughs into the commercial world.

For delegates working in the areas of science or medicine, or for anyone fascinated in the sciences, the Institute’s guided tours will leave a powerful impression long after a meeting, conference or event concludes.


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