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03 Nov 2015

Nuremberg Convention Dinner Celebrates Strong Medical Community & Medical Meetings Thriving in the Region

Known for its history of innovation as inventors of a multitude of different things from the 1st globe shaped map in the 15th century straight through to the MP3 player technology in the 21st century -- Nuremberg is also a place for medical advancements driven by deep and long-standing research, and the technology & hospital community based there. In turn, the city is a great place to host medical industry events, conferences and meetings.

Each fall Nuremberg Convention, the team behind the area’s dynamic convention center & convention bureau, hosts a networking dinner for up to 80 leading doctors from the region. The event, taking place in November at the Blue Salon restaurant at the Nuremberg Zoo, is focused on celebrating the region’s leading edge medical expertise. It will include remarks from the Mayor of Nuremberg, Dr. Ulrich Maly.  It is also intended to help educate the guests on their many options for hosting meetings, conferences and events in the Nuremberg region that will spur new knowledge sharing and breakthroughs in their life-changing field.

Medical innovation is nothing new in Nuremberg and the tradition of excellence continues today. For example, Nuremberg was the first place ether was administered as anesthesia in Germany in the mid-1800’s. The x-ray machine technology advanced there in the late 1800’s by the company that would later become Siemens.  In the 1920’s, the first industrially manufactured infusion solution was created there. In the last 15 years wireless monitoring of pacemakers, high speed video endoscopy, artificial iris treatments, and more have come out of the Nuremberg.  

Representing the tip of the medical iceberg, the special guests at the November Dinner of Medicine are part of the Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (Medical Valley EMN).  The Medical Valley EMN is made up of more than 40 hospitals, major medical universities & clinics, 20+ non-university research centers, and hundreds of medical companies. Government, research and hands-on practitioners collaborate daily in this medical hub to drive world class healthcare in Germany and around the globe.  

This concentration of medical industry know-how is unique throughout Germany, and in 2010 the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs named the Medical Valley EMN as a medical technology cluster location and "Center of Excellence for Medical Engineering".  

Siemens Healthcare and Novartis Pharma make up part of the Medical Valley EMN’s unique fabric as do many small and medium medical enterprises. The University Erlangen-Nuremberg is a well-respected participant, as is internationally renowned Erlangen University Hospital and its 42 clinics, and Nuremberg Hospital, one of Europe’s largest municipal care facilities.  

The Medical Valley EMN is, in fact, one of the world leaders in a number of product categories, including Imaging Diagnostics, Therapy Systems, Telemedicine, High-Tech Impacts.

Given that Nuremberg is such a strong brain-center for medical advancements and care, it is not surprising that many German and global medical events, conferences and meetings happen there. The TechnoPharm Expo, for example, will take place this April, Med Tech Summit 2016 is being held in Nuremberg in June, and the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians was just held just last month.

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