Why event technology is far from being optional

We increasingly rely on our smartphones and tablets in all areas of life – private as well as professional – as as a central hub for personalized information and services.

This development has also transformed the events industry. However, a certain lack of awareness prevails concerning the added value of event tech (digital solutions for events) as well as what kinds of solutions actually exist. In fact, event technology is not just “a nice add-on”, but should rather be considered as one of the key elements of every event just like catering or venue management.

Thorben Grosser of EventMobi talks about the advantages of using event technology for both planners and participants.


How does event technology transform events?

There is a widespread misconception that event tech is merely a nice extra with which events can stand out from their competition at best. This assumption could not be any more inaccurate: Event tech not only meets today's requirements for accessing services and information at any given time but also offers innovative solutions to widespread issues that both event planners and participants know all too well: From finding and selecting the right venue to event project management or promoting and selling event tickets – there are countless examples, where event tech can optimize and innovate long-established processes without much effort.


How do event planners benefit from event technology in particular?

There are many reasons, from an organizer’s point of view, for using event technology to effectively reduce costs and save time. This includes the complete elimination of printing costs through making the event’s agenda accessible by using an event-app instead of printed booklets. At the same time, planners are given the right tools to create high-quality events: Extensive information about the attendees as well as their expectations towards the event can be collected beforehand. Simultaneously, planners gain a central hub, where attendees can give their feedback as well as their thoughts on the event - whenever and wherever they want. With this continuous flow of data, organizers can create more valuable and cost-effective events at the same time.


How do attendees benefit from event technology?

Attendees clearly benefit the most from optimized events. In using event technology, events are not only tailored to the attendees expectations and interests with regard to content. Using these tools, attendees can network more easily as they are able to contact others before the official start of the event and can also engage in group discussions. This further adds to the appeal of events. These are just a few examples of how event technology can improve the overall event experience for both participants as well as organizers. The truth is that event tech is here to stay and will, therefore, also continue to accompany event planners in the future. It is, however, important to understand that not every tool fits every event format. Event technology is by no means a universal solution. Event tech needs to be selected carefully and integrated into the entire concept of the event to achieve the desired effect.

Meet Thorben Grosser

Thorben is a seasoned event planner and marketer with more than a decade of experience. He joined EventMobi in 2012 and heads the company’s European office. As General Manager, Thorben built a multi-disciplinary team of passionate marketers, sales and support staff and grew EventMobi into one of Europe’s leading event technology brands. A film-enthusiast from his early days, he’s worked at numerous film festivals across Europe and founded the Clipstar Short Film festival and the Sura Open Air Cinema. He holds a BAHons in event management and has co-authored a series of publications on event management and marketing. Passionate about education, he champions EventMobi’s educational efforts and lectures at HWTK University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

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