21 Feb 2018

Are You as Brave as Linda Nuss?

A New York City-based regional manager at the German Convention Bureau shares what research being conducted by the bureau revealed about her own meeting-attendee style, and how she used it to tweak her behavior. (You can take the survey, too.)

If there has been one takeaway from the German Convention Bureau’s Future Meeting Space research initiative, it’s that meetings are not one-size-fits-all. The first phase of the research, which was released in 2016, identified six different meeting scenarios, based on projections of how business and social trends will affect how we meet.

The second phase of the research, currently underway, will illustrate all of the ways in which meeting attendees aren’t alike, either. The study is surveying how attendees behave at meetings, asking questions that look at networking and knowledge-sharing behaviors, as well as learning and participatory styles and attitudes toward the adoption of new technology.

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Lumi Hilchey
Regional Director USA/Canada

+1 646 761 7746