#GCBInnovationWeek: “The art of innovation“


Especially in times like these it is really important to be creative, not only in the MICE sector. There are many ways to be innovative and creative. We were looking around for inspiration and found the Ted talk of Guy Kawasaki at TEDxBerkeley in 2014, which can highly be recommended for everyone as an inspiration for innovation. Guy Kawasaki worked at Apple, has been a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, an advisor to Google and thus has learned a lot about innovation.

He presents ten steps of innovation, his first advice: Make meaning! You should have the desire to change the world and not only to make money. So, determine how you can make meaning. As an example: Apple wanted to democratize computers, they wanted to bring computing power to everyone and that’s the meaning they made. His second step is to make a mantra, a two- or three, maybe four-word explanation of why your meaning should exist.  

When you have created a meaning and a mantra, your third step is to jump to the next curve. Don’t stay on the same curve that you’re on, 
because ‘great innovation occurs when you get to the next curve, when you get from telephone to internet, when you go from a Daisy-wheel printer to a laser printer, to 3D printing.‘ 
Fourth, roll the DICEE, so always ask yourself: ‘Am I creating something that’s deep and intelligent, and complete, and empowering, and elegant? Am I rolling the DICEE?‘  

But you also have to accept a kind of crappiness in your innovation. Sometimes people are going to use your product in a way you did not aniticipate, be thankful for this. ‘Positioning and branding ultimately comes down to what the consumer decides, not to what you decide.‘ Try to polarize people with great products and great services, ignore the naysayers. Communicate to the world, that your product is unique and valuable. So, perfect your pitch and don’t let someone grind you down.  

Although Guy Kawasaki works in a totally different sector, his art of innovation can be used in many other ways. Try to project it on the business events sector. The coronavirus showed us, that we have to develop new formats and keep evolving our sector.
So let’s do this, Eventprofs, let‘s jump to the next curve together here in the Response Room! 

TEDxBerkeley Guy Kawasaki

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