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The GCB Virtual Venue is a virtual marketplace for the meetings destination Germany, enabling it to meaningfully complement live events and increase their reach. From individually branded meeting and conference rooms to 2D exhibition stands and dedicated 360-degree exhibition halls: The GCB Virtual Venue hosts a variety of hybrid and digital event formats of the GCB and its members.

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GCB members can use specially branded meeting rooms with an appealing ambience for virtual customer talks, sales calls or other meetings. A conference room, which is also branded, conveys the atmosphere of a classic plenum and is particularly suitable for presenting events with livestream and external speakers. In the virtual trade fair area, individual booths in 2D or 360-degree environments or dedicated halls are available to present the partners of a destination, region or hotel chain. Participation formats can be booked either long-term (with permanent visibility) or short-term (for individual events or as a test phase to get started).

For more information, please see our action plan.


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