Planners Perspective - Choosing Maritim Stuttgart to Meet JEDEC’s Exacting Meeting Standards

A conversation with the German Convention Bureau and Donna McEntire, Director of Events & Membership for JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), the global leader in creating standards for the microelectronics industry.

Q. The GCB: Donna can you please share a bit about JEDEC and what your organization does?
A.  Donna: Absolutely. We are an association based in Arlington Virginia that works with thousands of committee volunteers around the world representing nearly 300 member companies -- like IBM, Intel, HP, Google, Dell, Oracle, Samsung etc. -- to create and spread standards for the microelectronics industry. We’ve been around for 50 years.

Q. The GCB: Tell us about your recent meeting in Stuttgart & Why You Chose Germany?
A.  Donna: Microelectronic standards in the Automotive industry are a big part of what we do. We collaborate with large players like Audi, BMW, and Bosch. As we planned for a Fall 2015 meeting of members and industry leaders working in the Auto space, Stuttgart was a natural choice as it’s home to one of the most vibrant automotive hubs of innovation and knowledge in the world.   We’ve had other meetings in Germany in the past and it always proves to be a well-liked destination that is super easy to access for international guests.

Q. The GCB: You chose to host the meeting and your guests at the Maritim Hotel Stuttgart. What drove that decision?
A.  Donna: Our meetings are about digging in and getting heavy duty work done in real time … not about “fluff and stuff”. Our participants needed a convenient, quiet, well run venue to meet, stay, and focus on their work. The Maritim Stuttgart provided just that for our program which lasted over two days and welcomed 85 people for our general session and 40 for our smaller breakouts on the second day. Seems like it would be easy to meet our criteria anywhere, but that’s not always the case. For example , we were recently placed in a space at a venue that was adjacent to a very noisy program going on and it was a real frustration and distraction for our meeting members.  Our venues need to be well chosen with our unique needs being fully understood by the venue. The Maritim Stuttgart was a perfect fit for us and clearly understood our goals.

Q. The GCB: If there was one word or thought that would characterize your experience at the Maritim Stuttgart what would it be?
A.  Donna: “Everything was 100%,” would be the phrase that comes to mind.  The Maritim staff were great people to work with before, during and after our meetings. It was a comfortable home base to do everything we needed. The technology we wanted was available.  I can’t attend every event we host so it is important that I trust the venue I am working with. I was confident that all would be handled professionally and with the highest quality for my guests and members … and it was.  

About Donna: Donna is a seasoned planner with nearly 30 years at JEDEC and its parent organization the Electronic Industries Alliance. She is responsible for planning about 40 meetings a year around the globe.