Integrating a sustainability strategy at the core of your activities.

Date & Time: Monday, 21 June 2021 - 4 to 4:45 pm CEST

The last 18 months have made people around the world question the way we live and why we do what we do. Events have a wonderful ability to connect and educate people. Going forward we have a great opportunity to tie our activities to meaningful causes. This session looks at how to identify your ‘better for the world impact’ by connecting core strategic initiatives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
This session is for: Anyone who is involved in planning and delivering events and is interested in modernising approaches to minimise negative environmental impact & maximising positive social impact through developing a sustainability strategy.

Important insights & learning objectives:
1.     Introduction to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
2.     Introduction to ‘Impact Business Models’ - How to tie your activities to wider good
3.     One ‘must-have’ for your sustainability strategy (The Materiality Assessment)

Charlotte Horder, Sustainable Development Consultant

A passionate project manager and holistic thinker, Charlotte Horder’s fire burns for sustainable development and finding balanced business approaches towards people, planet and profit. Her mission is to empower individuals and companies to use their strategies, actions and voices as a force for good that increase positive impact on the world. Using her expertise in strategy development, project management, marketing and communications gained in both for-profit and non-profit organisations, she supports initiatives that work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Working primarily on projects with international scope, she has led a digitalisation project that enabled medical educational resources and best practices produced by the world’s largest non-profit organisation for allergies and clinical immunology to be shared by medical professionals globally.