How to scale-up your speaker experience for virtual event success

Date & Time: Wednesday, 23 June 2021 - 4 to 4:45 pm CEST

With the bar of audience expectation continually rising for virtual events, levels of satisfaction rely heavily upon speaker impact.  Discover how to craft a brand event experience for speakers and leave the session armed with tools that can be implemented for your next event.

Here are the 3 key learning points from Marie Kuffour’s session:

  • Get to know why speaker experience is the bedrock of your event success
  • Clearly know what a great speaker experience looks like
  • Choose a delivery model that best suits your event planning set up

Marie Kuffour, VEIP Founder | Event Experience Consultant

Marie Kuffour is a brand experience enthusiast with a focus for helping independent consultants and coaches to plan, host and grow the impact of their In Person and virtual events.

Her life journey has been greatly inspired and advanced by experts and during the most difficult season of her life she aligned with a coach who helped her to activate her confidence and gifting to create not just events but experiences that outlive the event. With a background in organisation and helping people, after many years of being employed, Marie launched her own event service Destiny Events Professional in 2018. In the new landscape of events transformed by an ongoing pandemic, it is not by chance that Destiny Events Professional is self-fulfilling of its name. Marie has found opportunities and synergies to help her clients step into the virtual arena to connect with their audience and communities with the ultimate mission of advancing people’s lives.