Designing a Winning Event Marketing Strategy

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 30, 2021 4 to 4:45 pm CEST

From confusion to confidence: how to design and market an event using a proven framework.

Key Learnings from Kathryn Frankson’s session:

  • Event design and development
  • Marketing planning and process improvements
  • A playbook for ensuring creativity and results 

Kathyrn Frankson, Director of Event Marketing at Informa

Kathryn is the Director of Event Marketing at Informa, the global leader in specialized events and event intelligence. After 48 straight quarters selling exhibition space and custom event sponsorships, Kathryn launched Informa's sales marketing team. Kathryn now leads the experience and digital marketing efforts for Informa's content-led events in the architecture, event planning, and hospitality space.