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Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Husum

CVB, Husum
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Husum | North Sea: a venue for trade fairs and conferences with sea views

Husum on the North Sea coast – a place where tradition meets innovation. This vibrant port on the coastal mudflats is a forward-looking, cosmopolitan town full of sea and scenery, cultural attractions and typical North Frisian charm.

Oliver Franke
Andreas Birresborn
Andreas Birresborn
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Tourismus und Stadtmarketing Husum GmbH
Großstraße 27
25813  Husum


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Trade fairs and events? Conferences or congresses? Look no further than the far north of Germany! The world's foremost wind energy trade fair, HUSUM WindEnergy, has turned Husum into the 'wind capital of the world' and Schleswig-Holstein's leading international trade fair destination – and in 2010, Husum added a multi-functional congress and events centre to its portfolio. The charming harbour town on the edge of the Wadden Sea (UNESCO World Natural Heritage) is the centre of Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast and the gateway to the North Frisian and Hallig islands. The rhythm of life here is determined by the ebb and flow of tides, which is why Husum has developed into a centre of maritime expertise where the main emphasis is on the tidal sea. As a tourist region offering great variety, Husum Bay is the ideal destination for combining business with pleasure. The incredible wealth of cultural attractions and museums in the birthplace of the poet and novelist Theodor Storm, along with the only palace on the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea coast, is complemented by the picturesque harbour and broad range of shops and eating places. Alongside Husum Exhibition Centre and the NordseeCongressCentrum, the town has a number of special locations and three to five-star hotels with conference facilities. If you need help finding a suitable venue, organising hotel allocations or putting together a supporting programme, your friendly personal contact will ensure that you receive a complete one-stop service tailored to your specific needs.



Husum: A town with the wind in its sails.


The wind is rarely still in Husum, the attractive port town on the North Sea. But precisely this factor makes the town the ideal location for the important trade fair "Husum WindEnergy", which has proven and developed its pioneering skills for over 20 years. In addition, Husum has established a good reputation as a centre of competence in the wider area of renewable energies.

Energy and the environment

Energy + the environment and the discipline of renewable energies have a long tradition in Husum. At the beginning of the 20th century the first working tidal power station in the world was built and tested in Husum. In the 1980s, wind power technologies were tested here in the GROWIAN project - a large wind energy plant. And at the end of the last century, the Husum shipyard embarked on an additional line of business in developing and manufacturing wind turbines. In 1989, the wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Deutschland GmbH was founded in Husum, which continues to be the headquarters of Vestas Central Europe. HUSUM WindEnergy is the world's most important wind energy trade fair. For ten years the "New Energy Husum" trade fair has also been reflecting developments in the remaining spectrum of renewable energies. Husum is active in every sector of the renewable energy business from small wind turbines to geothermal, from biomass to solar thermal as well as in the areas of research and education. The town is therefore one of the key centres for regenerative energies in Schleswig-Holstein, the state that is playing a key role in the German transition from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable energy due to its rich wind resources. By 2020 it is calculated that eight to ten percent of the electricity consumed in Germany will be generated from renewable resources in Schleswig-Holstein.