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NürnbergConvention Bureau c/o. Nürnberg Tourist Board

CVB, Nürnberg

NürnbergConvention – Unique Profile. Unique Meetings.

Nuremberg's locations are as diverse as the city itself: from the NürnbergMesse & Convention Center, one of the Top 15 exhibition and conference sites worldwide, to historical venues and modern hotels.

Nuremberg, Picture: Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus, Andrew Cowin
Nuremberg, Picture: Günther Schmidt


NürnbergConvention Bureau c/o. Nürnberg Tourist Board
Frauentorgraben 3
90443  Nürnberg


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Nuremberg is surprising in many ways. On one hand, it is the allegory of the German city with its typical picturesque medieval cityscape, crowned by the famous Imperial Castle. The city features beautiful architecture and many museums with precious historical evidence.

At the same time, Nuremberg is a modern metropolis with a population of half a million, a commercial centre and the hub of a region at the heart of Europe with many exciting lifestyle companies such as adidas and Puma. A lively art and culture scene is booming and bubbling in the midst of the historical scenery and shaping a modern, lively metropolis.

Furthermore, with the NürnbergMesse and the NürnbergConvention Center, the city is home to one of the Top 15 exhibition and conference sites worldwide with capacities for 12,800 participants and 160,000 m² (2014: 170,000 m²) of adjacent exhibition space.

NürnbergConvention is a unique cooperation of two highly specialised convention professionals: NürnbergMesse and the City of Nuremberg with its professional Nürnberg Tourist Board.

With the jointly operated NürnbergConvention Bureau, organizers profit from a single point of contact and concentrated expertise for all their inquiries – whether they need room for a conference, space for an exhibition, a special event location or simply hotel rooms. This free service enables organizers to fully concentrate on their business.


Nuremberg: High-tech in the shadow of the castle.


The strengths of this Franconian city in the areas of technology + innovation, energy + the environment, transport + logistics and medicine + healthcare dominate the cityscape as much as its medieval castle. The focus is on power electronics and ITC (information and telecommunications industry), in which Nuremberg has the third highest number of patent applications in Europe.

Energy + the environment

Nuremberg and its hinterland are making their mark through their commitment to energy + the environment. Stadthalle Fürth was the first conference hall in Bavaria to receive the "EVVC Green Globe Certificate: Sustainability as a Responsibility of Business", the City of Nuremberg was awarded fourth place in the competition European Green Capital 2012/13, and the Bavarian Environmental Award 2010 was presented to the companies Siemens Energy Sector and E.ON Bayern. These awards recognise the important role that the region plays in the areas of energy and the environment. 2,000 companies with 70,000 employees make the Nuremberg region one of the European powerhouses in this sector of the future.

Medicine and healthcare

The Nuremberg region has a justifiable claim to the title of Bavaria's "Medical Valley" with a concentration of manufacturers, medical research and educational institutions, hospitals and service providers that is unique in Germany. The highly competitive atmosphere of Medical Valley and of the Nuremberg metropolitan region is based on outstanding skills levels in key technologies for medical-technical systems: electronic and microsystems technology, information and communications technology, optical technologies and new materials.

Technology + innovation

in Nuremberg this means automation and power electronics as well as IT and telecommunications. With over 200 companies, the Nuremberg metropolitan region is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of components and systems for power electronics. With another 200 companies operating in the area, it is also an important location for the key sector of automation. Close-knit networks of sector initiatives and research institutions supplement this competence field, which has also long been reflected in a series of regular international trade fairs and congresses.


The ITC sector is the most important branch of technology in the region with more than 7,000 companies. Communications technology, software, medicine, automation, embedded systems, open source and corporate applications make up the core business. Think-tanks such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), where the global standard MP3 was developed, think and work here side by side with international companies including Alcatel-Lucent, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica O2, Infineon, Qualcomm, ST Ericsson or Huawei. These are joined by innovative IT and media companies such as Siemens, Cortal Consors, DATEV and GfK.

Transport and logistics

As a modern junction for intermodal carriers, Nuremberg offers the perfect conditions for companies in the transport + logistics sector. Moreover, the region lies on the intersection of important transport corridors and trans-European networks and has the largest multimodal transport and logistics centre in Southern Germany. Politics and business are working together to drive forward the development of the location while research and education are setting widely recognised global standards. Naturally, Nuremberg also hosts many trade fairs, conventions and conferences related to the logistics sector.