Meeting Design Course Cologne, Germany.

Famous Meeting Designer from the Netherlands and author of “Into the Heart of Meetings”, Eric de Groot visits Cologne (Köln) in Germany on 28 - 29 of May 2015, for a Meeting Design Training Course. A unique chance for meeting professionals!

Meeting Design is gaining ever more attention from all those who use meetings as a means of communications. This is only logical. Whether to achieve business goals or any kind of change in organizations, meetings can only be effective if their programs are designed well.

For almost 15 years, MindMeeti
 Meeting Design with Eric de Groot in action, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ©MindMeeting
Meeting Design with Eric de Groot in action, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ©MindMeeting
ng, the Meeting Design agency Eric founded together with his co-author Mike van der Vijver, has specialized in designing effective programmes for international audiences. Or rather: participants, because one common feature in their programme designs is the active role of the participants in the meeting; the participants, not the audience.

The course will focus on the main basics of designing meeting programmes. Topics covered include: use the venue and the room lay-out to influence participant behaviour, give shape to the decisive first 5 minutes of the programme, optimize content and format, and others. In addition, course participants will learn how to cure major meeting headaches like: long personal introduction rounds, boring content, official formalities and poor speakers.

The course is designed for meeting professionals who want to exert greater influence on meeting outcomes; communication experts who want to improve their understanding of the medium; change agents and consultants who want to use meetings effectively. The course will, of course, be highly interactive. The programme is built around a whole series of design assignments, close cooperation with fellow learners and some surprises.

ICCA’s CEO Martin Sirk is a firm believer in the vital importance of Meeting Design for any company, organisation or individual striving to be successful in tomorrow’s meetings industry:  “Mike and Eric’s book, “Into the Heart of Meetings”, is quite simply the most stimulating book on meetings that I’ve come across in two and a half decades in the meetings industry, and is the reason why ICCA invited them to collaborate on many of the design elements in our own annual Congress, significantly increasing our levels of innovation and delegate engagement. I can unreservedly recommend attending their Meeting Design course, and believe their ideas have the power to transform traditional thinking about our business, and can make your meetings dramatically more effective and enjoyable.”

The Dutch Chapter of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) offered this course to its members in early 2014. It received the highest-ever ratings of all MPI Netherlands educationals.
Participants said about this course:
“ Meeting Design is about creating the perfect event; one during which you will reach your goals“.
“ After this training, I have realised that just about everything we have been doing in the Meeting & Event Industry in the past is wrong!“

In January 2015, the first international edition was given in Malmö, Sweden. The participants said about this course:
Meeting Design with Mike van der Vijver in Action, Malmö, Sweden ©MindMeeting
Meeting Design with Mike van der Vijver in Action, Malmö, Sweden ©MindMeeting

“ The training was the perfect mix of theory and practice with quite challenging group exercises in real world scenarios which really had an impact on the way we will approach events in future. With Mike we had a very experienced expert and mind-set changer and learned a lot about maximizing meeting effectiveness by better activating the bodies and souls who are present”.
“ To actually make each meeting count is important to me - and meeting design is a wonderful approach to make that happen. The course gave me new angles on- for example - how to make the content stick, on the influence of the togetherness environment, on how to make speakers see their role in the meeting and on how to design an end of a meeting that gives a direction ahead".

For 2 years in a row, MindMeeting conducted Meeting Design Trainings in India in close collaboration with IdentCITY. Participants said about this course:
" The workshop is a combination of conference frameworks, case studies, practical ideas and thoughtful suggestions, Into the Heart of Meetings can help us design successful meeting experiences and ensure desired outcomes"
" A must attend workshop for the meeting industry professionals and all service providers. It's an eye opener to me, and I will surely implement the ideas that I learned in this workshop".

Naturally, much of the course content is based on the book “Into the Heart of Meetings”, written by Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver. This first-ever book on Meeting Design has received world-wide attention and acclaim. For reviews, please check our website www.mindmeeting.org.

Dates: 28-29 May 2015 in Cologne, Germany
. Includes one copy for each participant of “ Into the Heart of Meetings”, two lunches. Price € 995,-. Each second registration from the same organization is entitled to a 10% discount.
For information and registration, please send an email to: sara@mindmeeting.org


Job opening GCB Representative (m/f) China






-   本科及以上学历(市场营销、传媒、活动组织、经济管理等相关专业及相当资质)
-    拥有传媒、市场营销或销售经验
-    适应在中国及德国出差
-    良好的沟通能力及组织能力
-    良好的英语说写能力(会德语者优先)
-    了解全球MICE行业者优先
-    拥有中国MICE行业及专业媒体资源者优先

-    为GCB及其合作伙伴制定及实施中国市场战略。
-    公关及社交媒体的发展及实施
-    定期拜访客户
-    组织并陪同客户到德国考察及培训
-    为GCB成员提供市场信息咨询服务
-    中国MICE市场调研及报告

-    丰富多彩且极富挑战性的工作内容、高度独立的工作方式
-    德国强化培训机会
-    适合您职位及资历的薪资待遇

-    入职时间:2015年8月1日
-    工作地点:德国国家旅游局北京办事处内


更多德国会议促进局相关信息请见: www.gcb.de  / www.germany-meetings.com.


Meeting destination Stuttgart presents itself with new stand concept at IMEX 2015

Experience "Stuttgart2go"

Kongressregion Stuttgart - "Stuttgart2go" ©Stuttgart Convention Bureau
Kongressregion Stuttgart - "Stuttgart2go" ©Stuttgart Convention Bureau

Under the leitmotif "Stuttgart2go" the new stand concept epitomises the advantages of the Congress Region of Stuttgart in an innovative and inviting way at the IMEX in Frankfurt (19th-21st May). The new design presents various facets of the Stuttgart Region, provides information "2go" and whets the appetite to learn more about the event options that it offers.

The Congress Region of Stuttgart – inviting and innovative: the new IMEX stand offers lots of scope for new perspectives. The "inventors' gallery" vividly exemplifies the region's sector-specific competencies and future-oriented inventions. Also integrated in the new stand concept are interactive features: a selfie competition, for instance, gives visitors the opportunity to relate fascinating facts about Stuttgart and win an attractive prize.

Together with its nine partners, the Stuttgart Convention Bureau team presents attractive offers and supplies information on recent developments. In the coming years new hotels will provide an additional 2000 beds to those currently available. New air links, for example to Manchester, Madrid and Abu Dhabi, expand Stuttgart's international flight connections to more than 100 destinations.
Since the autumn of 2014 Stuttgart has held certification as a sustainable travel destination. The Stuttgart Convention Bureau offers support to those planning sustainable events. In this respect the Protestant Church Congress, which will take place this June with around 100,000 visitors, is a prime example of a major event organised in accordance with sustainable criteria.

The Stuttgart Convention Bureau (SCB) – a department of Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH and Regio Stuttgart Marketing- und Tourismus GmbH – is the central and impartial point of contact for the state capital Stuttgart and its environs for event organizers working out of  companies, associations and institutions, as well as for event agencies. Event planners benefit from the team's extensive expertise and receive professional advice and support for the organization of congresses and other events in Stuttgart Region. The team markets the congress destination both in Germany and abroad. SCB’s strategic partners include the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart/Messe Stuttgart (Stuttgart Trade Fair), the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Liederhalle, Stuttgart Airport, WRS (Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation), congress centers in Stuttgart Region, the local hospitality sector and the Regio Stuttgart Marketing- und Tourismus GmbH.



Maritim offers individual culinary options

Maritim is expert at tailoring its culinary offerings to individual guest preferences. All Maritim properties feature a signature breakfast buffet that offers an abundance of products and specialties from loca
 ©Maritim Hotels
©Maritim Hotels
l producers, and gluten-free, lactose-free and meatless options are on every menu. A color coding system assists guests in choosing healthy and organic options.

For meeting planners, Maritim offers pricing options that simplify the costing process, with the right blend of novel and traditional comfort food. For example, Maritim relocated its Indian chef to Munich for a recent Indian medical conference. This ensured authentic food was prepared that catered to the various dietary and religious needs of the guests.

 ©Maritim Hotels
©Maritim Hotels
When the Prime Minister of the Republic of India, H.E. Narendra Damodardas Modi, arrived at the Maritim Grand Hotel Hannover with his entourage for the official opening ceremony of Hanover Fair, many meals were also be taken in the Grand Hotel – prepared according to the Premier's taste. To make sure of this, the hotel has employed an Indian Head Chef – recommended by the country's embassy. 

For his visit to Germany, Premier Modi relied on the experience of his predecessor, Manmohan Singh, who was Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014 and previously came to the Maritim Grand Hotel Hannover with an industrial delegation in 2006.

For more information, visit: www.maritim.com.

Meet the Maritim Team at IMEX in Frankfurt, 19 - 21 May 2015, Stand F670.


Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel celebrates 40 years with special MICE offers

 ©Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel
©Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel
40 Years of enjoyable moments of serene comfort at Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel. The longstanding hotel is celebrating its 40th birthday with attractive offers especially for event- and meeting-planners. Save 40% on public room rentals and 40% off on the first 40 guest rooms as well.

Check out the special birthday offers here:

SFH_40Years_4Times40_Offer.pdf / PDF ( 2.935,2 KB )
SFH_40Years_daymeetings_Offer.pdf / PDF ( 1.836,0 KB )


Smart events reflect digital evolution

It may sound a bit like science fiction: appointments via smart watches, details of events in real time on mobile applications, data glasses to enrich content at conferences and then sharing it with the world via virtual walls, a close encounter with products through augmented reality and participation in meetings via human 3D projections. All this does occasionally become reality in the events industry. But how many and which of these technical innovations actually make sense? Which of them are just trendy gimmickry, and which provide genuine added value?

Smart Events ©GCB
Smart Events ©GCB
New technologies can of course deliver numerous benefits in the event industry. Well optimised participant management systems, for instance, can save a company valuable time and money on processing. Mobile apps can give participants a new dimension of networking opportunities as well as practical assistance by providing information and helping them with organisational matters. As they arrive, many guests have come to find virtual platforms helpful and indeed indispensable. Interactive tools have long been an integral part of events, e.g. live voting conducted by the presenter and the provision of content information for anyone who is unable to attend in person. New applications are available for use after an event, to help with the accounting of travel expenses, with reporting and with following up new business contacts – tools that function as interfaces between real meetings and virtual contact.

However, this increasing digitisation of events also has its undesirable side-effects, particularly a ubiquitous and sometimes almost unmanageable information overload, a sense of ongoing availability, the feeling among participants that they are being monitored and of course the potential transparency or even vulnerability of personal or corporate data security. Moreover, the advent of new technologies also presents quite a few challenges, as corporate departments – e.g. travel and event management, IT, HR and accounting – need to be seamlessly networked with one another. Even a single media disruption in the data chain may mean that the next networking level just grinds to a halt. In addition, everyone who is involved, regardless of age and expertise, needs to familiarise themselves with the relevant digital tools. It is therefore vital that they should be user-friendly and suitable for everyday use, while also requiring a good deal of sensitivity in deciding when to use which of the various tools, so that a given application can do full justice to the target group and the content of the event.

So it’s good to think twice before setting up a food printer for lunch at the next conference, a robot to monitor the various stages of the event or a drone to hand out conference papers, and it might be somewhat inappropriate to call a meeting with everyone turning up in the form of 3D projections. After all, it may just be little bit over the top.

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